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Balluff RFID Controller

Complete RFID systems or industrial I.D. components for factory product traceability programs, allow you to track and monitor each step in your process chain, eliminating errors and maximizing quality material flow. Data tracking systems provide solutions for high value Plant Asset Tracking, Work in Process Tracking, E-KANBAN automated material replenishment, and Intra-Plant Logistics. HTE’s TECHTEAM specialists are available to help with integration into your current system, ensuring each important step of your process is tracked.


RFID Sensor TargetTraceability systems document each process stage, capturing details on location, history, and use by automating identification, and often by using direct part marking. Workers in manufacturing and production facilities use this method to control product quality, allow for almost immediate corrective action, and increase lean manufacturing, Just-In-Time delivery, and compliance. 

RFID Target


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products allow for application flexibility and offers reliable information needed for complex business decisions. Designed for the toughest environments and compatible with almost any network, our RFID system offerings provide a wide selection of tags, processors, and antennas.  From low to high frequency systems, they are ideal for many applications such as machine tool identification and logistics. The varieties of read ranges span from less than 1 foot up to 6 feet, making them capable of almost any challenge in the plant.

Traceability and identification systems are increasingly becoming long-term strategies for manufacturers. The detailed visibility into their processes is a proven strategy to meet goals, ensuring quality, and maximizing investments.

HTE Automation is your resource for any product identification, RFID, needs if you are located in Kansas, Missouri or Illinois.
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