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Epson GX8 SCARA Robot

Epson GX - It's "what's next" in SCARA robot performance.
  • Extreme high performance and flexibility — high throughput even for heavy payloads to complete your most demanding jobs, all with unrivaled precision
  • Unmatched high-power-density SCARA — this slender, space saving robot masters even your heavy workloads at speeds you'll love
  • Fast cycle-times — The GX performs at higher acceleration compared to anything you might be used to. Its smooth motion and fast settling times contribute to optimizing throughput, even for demanding, high-precision tasks
  • Nothing is easier to use - The Epson RC+ software helps create powerful solutions with a simple, but feature-rich user interface.  And yes, it includes an integrated debugger and leading-edge 3D simulator
  • Those fast settling times are made possible becuase of the Epson GYROPLUS vibration minimization system put together with the robot's rigid arm design.  All of that also results in the elimination of ringing and overshoot
And the T3 SCARA remains the most cost-effective SCARA robot, ideal for pick and place applications, even as it leads the field in terms of performance and reliability. To the SCARA line-up, Epson adds multi-axis and modular products that lead their respective fields.


Epson all-in-one low cost robot

With a keen focus on ease of use, performance and reliability, Epson is a leader in the Articulated 6-Axis Industrial robot world. Having led the robot manufacturing field with one of the first PC based controllers, Epson was the first to then offer Active X Controls (.NET support) to allow easy integration of 3rd party products into robot workcells.

For the tightest budgets requiring high product yield, Epson has robots which when coupled with their high performance controller and Open Architecture PC based controller, deliver extraordinary ROI even for the most complex applications.

Superior results start with excellent products, but then require a matching commitment to excellent support throughout the life of the product. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you the level of service that leads many of our customers to describe themselves as "raving fans."

Epson’s focus has been to keep things simple and easy to use. Ask for a demonstration of the EPSON RC+ Software and you will see for yourself that they remain on track.

HTE Automation is your choice for rapid ROI on Epson Robot automation projects in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.

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