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HTE Cobot Training

Just 2 DAYS to Robot Programming Proficiency

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HTE Cobot TrainingThe HTE Industrial Productivity Training Center is an Authorized Training Center for Universal Robots' regional training program.

This educational center is a forum for complete automation solutions including preparing line-workers to set-up, program, direct, and supervise the work of their new collaborative robot colleagues.

HTE's training centers are located in St. Louis Missouri, and Lenexa Kansas (KC area), allowing Mid-west manufacturers an affordable means of training their staff with minimal additional time and travel expense committment.

UR Core Training


Each Cobot training session involves some classroom work, but is heavily focused on work labs where students are required to show proficiency in performing practical tasks with the robot.  This emphasis on practical knowledge requires that class sizes are limited, with only 2 students per training robot system.

Universal Robots ATCThe classes involve no mathematical computations or computer programming.  The Cobots from Universal Robots have extensive capabilities, but are designed in such a way as to be managed by a competent factory floor worker in a 21st century manufacturing facility.

Thorough training provides Plant and Production Managers with a high degree of comfort as they implement this recently employed technology, mitigating the deployment risks inherent in some automation projects.Authorized Cobot Training
Classes tailored to the needs of a single regional company are available to maximize the training value.  Please call 800-444-4831, or talk to your sales engineer to make the necessary arrangements for these sessions.

HTE's Training Center is officially authorized by Universal Robots to teach plant personnel how to maximize the value of their Universal RObots Collaborative Robot.  Additionally, HTE represents a number of companies who are a part of the highly valuable UR+ network of companies that make plug-n-play components that are fully integrated into the Cobot's control system, including Cogenx Vision Systems, Robotiq end-effectors, force management, and remote monitoring system, and Dorner Conveyor solutions.

For all your Industrial Manufacturing Technology Training needs, HTE Automation is available to serve your company's needs.

For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at