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Industrial Automation Robots

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Cartesian Coordinate RobotIAI offers a vast line of energy efficient manufacturing robots including, Cartesian Coordinate robots, Linear Actuators, ROBO Cylinder Electric Linear Actuators, Cartesian Table Top robots, each as “Complete Solutions” that cover all the necessary links in order to operate seamlessly with your vision from software to robots.


Complete Cartesian System Solutions - Instead of building a robotics system from scratch, design engineers can purchase fully-functional units from IAI and begin production sooner. Our straightforward programming language and pre-formatted products make it easy to integrate IAI products with other components. You’ll be up and running in no time.



Systematically reduce your plant operating costs by reducing your compressed air demand. No other piece of machinery costs more to operate than your air compressor. The EC Elecylinder is designed to be simple to operate at every stage of your project, from commissioning to on-going maintenance.


IAI Robo CylinderWith a constant focus on reducing total cost of ownership (TOC), IAI leads the field with their precision work-horse robotic cylinders. These highly functional systems will reduce your overall production costs by eliminating start-up adjustments, enabling easy on-the-fly program setting changes, and providing very stable operation which will reduce product defect rates. 

HTE Automation is your resource for all your Intelligent Actuator needs if you are located in Kansas, Missouri or Illinois.
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