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Machine Vision Lights

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Machine Vision Illumination

Industrial Vision LightingMachine Vision Camera DemoSmart Vision Lights revolutionizes the machine vision lighting industry with a intelligent constant current driver in every machine light. A separate driver is no longer needed, all our machine vision lights have the constant current driver included in the machine light making no additional wiring necessary. Our small and extremely powerful drivers are specifically engineered for lighting machine vision camera's in the vision industry. All our machine vision lights feature a PNP and NPN led strobe light or pulse input.

Smart Vision Lights uses only high current, HB (High Brightness) LED's in our machine lights. Smart Vision Lights designs, manufactures and markets a line of products that apply the benefits of high current LED's for use in machine vision applications. All machine vision lights use standard industrial 24VDC for operation.

Industrial Vision Lighting

The SMART driver has the option to run the machine light in a constant LED illumination including analog and variable intensity control. The analog feature allows 0-100% intensity control of the machine vision light through a 0-10VDC signal. The variable feature allows 0-100% intensity control of the machine light thru an integrated potentiometer.

The OverDrive™ series of lights offer our SafeStrobe technology. This unique technology applies safe working parameters to ensure the high current LED's are not damaged by driving them beyond their limits. This is especially beneficial for overdriving today's new High Current LED's. The OverDrive™ series provides repeatable intensity control and pulsing by using a microprocessor to watch and control the power to the high intensity LED's for safe operation. The integrated OverDrive™ controller offers both NPN and PNP LED strobe light input for easy integration to today's smart cameras. Machine vision lights have high speed reaction times that offer extremely fast repeatable pulse time

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