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J5 Servo FamilyAs one of the most respected names in factory automation, Mitsubishi Electric is the optimal choice for industrial servo systems.


Industry servo standards are set by Mitsubishi Electric’s MELSERVO-J5 series.  This is the product against which all others are compared.  Harnessing, and then maximizing, the dormant potential of your manufacturing machinery will become a realty as you implement the MR-J5.

Predictive maintenance, CC-Link IE TSN® high speed industrial Ethernet network, and other incorporated features deliver Edge Computing benefits and smooth out the path to broad IoT implementation.

Mitsubishi offers a wide range of servo options for both simple and complex applications, each designed with the user experience in mind. With HTE’s qualified TECHTEAM of specialists, we can work with you to verify you are implementing the best servo system for your plant’s applications.
Looking for high functionality and high performance? Mitsubishi’s MR-J4 (MELSERVO-J4) family provides the most flexible amplifier, resulting in high speed, improved accuracy, and one-touch tuning in both single and multi-axis designs. Their linear servo motors are offered with multiple core options, and the direct drive motors are perfect for high torque applications.


J4 AC ServoThe MR-JE line of servo systems are easy-to-use and designed for quick startup and maintenance. Both the compatible servo amplifier and rotary servo motor are available in up to 3kW, and offer one-touch auto-tuning, machine diagnosis functionality, and vibration suppression. The single amplifier model available offers either pulse train or analog interfaces, while two types of motors are available depending on capacity and inertia requirements.

When looking for the utmost flexibility, Mitsubishi’s MR-J3 (MELSERVO-J3) family provides high performance across a wide range of applications. Compatible amplifiers offer tuning in single and dual axis formats, and with up to seven motor types, these servo systems have the best amplifier and motor sizing available regardless of your required capacity or inertia needs.


AC ServoFor simple operation functions in a compact design, the MR-JN family of servo systems are easy-to-use with one-touch tuning, vibration suppression, and built-in programming options. Mitsubishi’s AC Servo lines provide additional motion products and support software to optimize your system to fit your plant’s applications.

Regardless of the complexity of your automation application, Mitsubishi’s servo and drive products are built for world class performance across a wide range of industries including food processing, automobile manufacturing, printing, and many more. HTE Technologies’ TECHTEAM can assist with choosing and applying the system that’s right for your plant.

HTE Automation is your resource for all your Mitsubishi Electric Automation needs if you are located in Kansas, Missouri or Illinois.
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