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Controls EnclosureProducts from Rittal include industrial enclosures, power distribution devices, climate control solutions, and IT infrastructures. Rittal’s strength include its flexibility, modularity, availability, and simple design.

HTE’s TECHTEAM will work to understand the goals and requirements of your applications, using this information to offer you the optimal solution for your system. Together with Rittal, HTE and will support you through each phase of the process, from the original concept through implementation using our massive local inventory.  Once you've configured the perfect cabinet for your needs, HTE Assembled Solutions can put it together for you if you'd prefer that versus assembling it yourself.  


Rittal products are compatible for many applications across all industries. Ideal for tasks such as material handling, production, tool-making, and printing, their expansive selection of items is commonly used in transport technology, renewable energies, information technology, and food and process industries.


Electrical Enclosure ConfiguratorIn just moments you can configure the ideal enclosure for your application.  Simply click on this picture to start your selection of an enclosure system, then use the 3D visualization system to see exactly what you have selected.

Add cut-outs, holes where you want to place them, and then generate manufacturing documents that are configured for exactly what you put together.


Electrical EnclosureEnclosures from Rittal come in all sizes for all applications, from small bus enclosures to IT enclosure systems and operating housings. Their power distribution line, ideal for low-voltage applications, includes busbar systems, mounting kits, and distribution racks. Their climate control solutions ensures heat loss is removed, with fan-and-tiler units to more advanced IT infrastructures. Their most recent developments include advanced heat exchangers and energy-saving cooling units.

Rittal has the right enclosures and cabinets for the job regardless of the application. All products are offered with Rittal’s standard of quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

HTE Automation is your Rittal distributor if you are located in Kansas, Missouri or Illinois.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at