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Sensor Mounts

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Industrial Sensor Mounting

Sensor MountTo maximize the vital role industrial sensors, process indicators, and machine vision systems play in factory automation they must be optimally mounted. Enhancing product quality, speeding up production cycle-times, and delivering rock-solid product consistency are why industrial manufacturers automate. Ideal mounting of sensors ensures that the control system has the best possible, timely data with which to control the process. It will also thereby speed up the overall project ROI.

Flexible Sensor Mounts

Mounting that offers a high degree of flexibility for optimizing the setup, and minimizing required maintenance or sensor repair time, but which is also rugged enough to withstand an industrial environment is what we offer. The products HTE Automation offers include many designs ranging from Cartesian (xyz) setups with aluminum extrusion, to full-motion ball and joint systems. Some applications require a custom solution to fit an exact need.

HTE Automation is your resource for all your industrial sensor, machine vision, switch, and monitor needs if you are located in Missouri, Kansas, or Illinois.
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