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Rotary Indexing System

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Controls CabinetServo-driven precision indexing system for plastic bottle blow-molding machine retrofit.  For a plastic bottle blow molder, HTE’s TECHTEAM salesperson and engineers, together with our customer’s engineers, designed, specified assembled, programmed, tested, and delivered this machine upgrade which facilitated as much as a 15% increase in production from the modified machine, all at a significantly lower price than their traditional machine rebuild design.


The engineered solution from the HTE TECHTEAM utilized a precision Cycloidal gearbox and Mitsubishi Servo system to provide repeatable, fast positioning.  The historically high maintenance and setup issues with the OE hydraulic system were completely eliminated, all at a fraction of the OE replacement.

The HTE TECHTEAM of application engineers, our product suppliers' engineers, and our customers' engineering and operations teams, create and fabricates solutions for improving plant productivity.Planetary Gear with Servo 

Achieving a rapid ROI while delivering high quality solutions is possible because of the relationship the HTE TECHTEAM has with HTE Automation, our distributor of world-class automation components.  Products used on this project came from global leaders included Mitsubishi Electric Automation, ABB, Nabtesco, Balluff, Rittal, Murr Elektronik, and Wago.

HTE's TECHTEAM provides application expertise to solve production problems and help plants in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois compete globally.
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