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Datalogic Laser Markers

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Datalogic VLASE Laser Marking SystemProduct Laser Marking ExamplesDatalogic focuses on providing top laser marking value to automotive, electronics, medical devices and high precision metal manufacturers.  These solutions include a wide variety of products employing fiber laser, solid state, and CO2 technologies.  Datalogic marking lasers are used around the world to produce clear and permanent marks on most industrial materials.  Logos, 1D and 2D barcodes, serial numbers & production dates are the most common marks made by the Datalogic equipment.


Datalogic products include the AREX400, UNIQ, AREX, ULYXE Family, VLASE, EOX, and their software suite Lighter Marvis.

Direct Part Marking LasersAREX400 is a family of top performing Fiber Laser industrial DPM, or Direct Part Marking equipment.

The ultra-Compact UniQ™ system is the first fiber laser marking system of its kind, providing an all-in-one system.  is the first ultra-compact “ALL-IN-ONE” laser marking system based on fiber laser technology.  Featuring a 15W optical laser, UniQ™ is able to mark a wide variety of materials.  It is ideal for use in tight spaces because it is very compact, and is equipped with an internal, quiet and highly efficient cooling system.

Another “first” in marking systems is the Datalogic Ulyxe family of very compact solid-state laser markers.  With models for stand-alone applications as well as industrial product lines, the Ulyxe family provides a great value for marking plastics or metals.

For hard-to-engrave materials like thermoplastics or resins, the Vlase family of solid-state lasers provides the flexibility and reliability expected of the market leader.  This rack control platform, air-cooled system is both compact and durable in demanding industrial applications.

The EOX CO2 laser marker products deliver broad flexibility when marking paper, cartons, and organic materials.

The industry benchmark reference AREX is the new standard against which all others are compared.

HTE Automation and Datalogic provide industry leading products and service to manufacturers in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois who need to permanently mark their products.

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