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Robotic grippers

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Robotiq End-EffectorsAn end effector, or end of arm tooling (EOAT), is essentially the hand of a robot.  The most common form used in manufacturing is called a gripper which will have two or more "fingers".  Selections are made based on the shape, texture, and weight of the object the robot needs to pick up.  


Because the shape of objects involved in manufacturing is varied, end-of-arm-tools have been developed to be highly adaptable and flexible. In addition to grippers, vacuum cups and other methods of picking up parts, end effectors can also be tools that act to inspect, or even change the part, rather than to pick it up.


Coval vacuum gripperIntegral to operation of a mechanical tool, is the ability to send commands to the end of arm tooling, and then also to receive signals back from the tool.  Pairing the optimal robot and vacuum gripper to accomplish a specific task is part of what HTE's TECHTEAM of robot specialist do for our customers.  Creative solutions are as varied as the number of applications manufacturers want to automate.  End-effector tools include a wide array of choices such as: grippers, vacuum cups, cameras, sensors, polishers, sanders, drills, spray guns, magnets, and welding guns.

If your plant is located in Kansas, Missouri, or Illinois, HTE Automation will optimize an EOAT end-effector solution that works within your budget.  Please call HTE Automation at 800-444-4831 to speak with a robotic automation specialist, or email us at
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