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Pilz Safety CabinetProtecting workers from the dangers inherent in human-machine interaction is central running a highly productive factory.  Manufacturer's have the legal obligation to put in place systems that give workers every opportunity to end their shift in as healthy a state as when they started it.


Pilz excels at providing protection systems that work reliably, and well on the factory floor when exposed to all the practices of your workers.  Your needs as related to risk analysis, assessment, and reduction, or minimization, as specified in EN ISO 13849-1, are paramount to the ABB product engineers.

Pilz works to make the building of OSHA safety compliant protection systems easy on manufacturing engineers and integrators alike. Whether you need to manage multiple safety functions for a single, or multiple machines, the diverse set of safety sensors, switches, locks, and safety system design aides provided by ABB will not only make your task much more simple, but also keep you OSHA compliant.

The machine safety specialists at HTE Automation is helping manufacturers in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois keep their workforce safe even as the pace of manufacturing speeds up. Please call HTE Automation at 800-444-4831 to speak with a safety specialist, or email us at
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at